Women, Gender, and Science

New Directions (Osiris Volume 12)

Edited by Sally Gregory Kohlstedt and Helen Longino
Published by the University of Chicago Press, 1997

women-gender-science-100x149What do research on women in science and research on science and gender have to do with each other? This volume brings together prominent historians and philosophers of science to examine women’s participation in science, gender and science, and the potential for interaction between these two pieces of a larger puzzle. The eleven chapters included here explore a number of interrelated topics: the experiences of individual women working in science; the demographic patterns of and support for women in specific fields; the gendered construction of scientific education and terminology; the impact of feminist critiques on contemporary science; and more. The result is a collection of works that are rich in suggestions, specific in their evidence, and grounded in the complex discussion of gender in late twentieth century cultural and academic life.


Women, Gender, and Science: New Directions is available from the University of Chicago Press.